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Hey Friend, 

I'm Meaghan McKinley and I am a Raleigh, NC based Blogger & Influencer. (Previously, Los Angeles based.)  In this space, we talk about all things beauty, business and lifestyle. I am here to be your sister-friend that keeps you up to date on the latest trends, deals, steals and I mix in a some girl talk and wellness too. Because, who doesn’t want to be a well-balanced and poppin' millennial bombshell?! 


Let me share a little bit more about myself. I started my first blog in 2012 called The Style Maven. Who knew being a blogger would take off the way that it did? Chile, there are so many days I wish I had stayed consistent. When I was a senior in college I stopped blogging because, LIFE was coming at me fast! I went from graduating college, to moving to Atlanta, starting graduate school, then graduating graduate school and then I was left wondering “What do I do now?” Well my next move required me to take a HUGE leap of faith. So, I packed my bags, my car and the $500 I had in my savings account and I headed to Los Angeles! Disclaimer, I do not recommend that… I’m crazy fearless sometimes. I loved L.A. but I am back on the East Coast. I lost my father in the midst of the pandemic and this Southern Belle needed to head back south and be around the people she loves most.


L.A. taught me so much about the woman I am and the woman I am growing into. I am growing in such a way that, I picked back up something I once loved… BLOGGING. I hope that you choose to keep up with me, your “Good Sis,” by following me on social media and subscribing to my monthly newsletter. I appreciate you all, already!

Smooches 💋